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Panerai Straps For Luminor 2001

This table is a complete list of straps made for Panerai Luminor watches by Officine Panerai in 2001


Straps 24/22
Long 115/95 Standard 115/75 Short 115/68 Small 98/68 Suggested
Retail Price
Calf gold semimat MX000MJ1 MX000G16 MX000MJ2 MX000L7K $85.00
Calf black semimat MX000MJ4 MX000G44 MX000MJ5 MX000L7M $85.00
Alligator black brillant MX0013K9 MX0013K3 MX0013KC MX000POC $160.00
Alligator black semimat MX000PZT MX000L7J MX000PZV MX000L7N $160.00
Alligator antique brown semimat MX000PZW MX000L7W MX000L7Z MX000L80 $160.00
Alligator gold semimat MX00133N MX000XRL MX00133R MX00133S $160.00
Alligator blue brillant MX000Q00 MX000L73 MX000L76 MX000L77 $160.00
Alligator bordeaux brillant MX000PZX MX000L81 MX000PZZ MX000L84 $160.00
Alligator green brillant MX000Q03 MX000L7B MX000Q04 MX000L7F $160.00
Alligator red brillant MX000Q01 MX000L7C MX000Q02 MX000L7D $160.00
Alligator yellow/light brown brillant MX000L6W MX000L6T MX000L6X MX000L6Z $160.00
Ardillon Buckles for 44MM Reference        
Steel ardillon MX000M6D       $30.00
Titanium ardillion MX000M6S       $36.00
Steel PVD ardillon MX000G4V       $36.00
High tec Straps 24/24          
Black rubber 1999 version MX000MJ6   MX000MJ7 MX000L7X $85.00
Black rubber 2000 version   MX0011QQ     $65.00
Large 270/32 Medium 215/32      
Velcro polyester (yellow/black) MX00149B MX00149K     $75.00
Velcro polyester (blue/black) MX00149S MX00149T     $75.00
Straps 22/20
Long 115/95 Standard 115/75 Short 115/68 Small 98/68 Suggested
Retail Price
Alligator black semimat MX0013N4 MX000WH5 MX0013N5 MX00133V $160.00
Alligator black brillant   MX001394   MX0011QR $160.00
Alligator gold semimat MX0013N6 MX000WH7 MX0013N7 MX00133W $160.00
Alligator dark blue semimat   MX000XX2   MX00133Z $160.00
Alligator blue brillant MX0013KK MX000SBL MX0013KP MX0013KQ $160.00
Alligator green brillant MX0013KZ MX000SC0 MX0013LO MX0013L7 $160.00
Alligator orange brillant MX0013LD MX000SC3 MX0013LJ MX0013LK $160.00
Alligator pink brillant MX0013N1 MX000SCC MX0013N2 MX0013N3 $160.00
Alligator red brillant MX0013MN MX000SC5 MX0013MP MX0013MQ $160.00
Alligator yellow brillant MX0013MS MX000SCB MX0013MT MX0013MV $160.00
Bracelet steel brushed   PAV00526     $1,120.00
Bracelet steel polished   PAV00522     $1,120.00
Bracelet steel/titanium   MX000PLF     $2,175.00
Deployant Buckles for 40MM          
BDR steel brushed PAV00527       $105.00
BDR steel polished PAV00521       $105.00
Triple Buckle - for bracelet only MX000N58       $75.00

Ardillon Buckle Straps

NEW - When Ordering a New Ardillon Buckle Strap, Do Not Forget To Order The Buckle!
Alligator blue brillant       MX00169K $160.00
Alligator green brillant       MX00169M $160.00
Alligator orange brillant       MX00169W $160.00
Alligator pink brillant       MX00169B $160.00
Alligator red brillant       MX00169X $160.00
Alligator yellow brillant       MX00169Z $160.00
Black rubber 2000 version   MX0013JG     $65.00
Ardillon Buckles for 40MM          
Polished steel MX0015V3       $30.00
Brushed Steel MX0015V9       $30.00
Note: The advised retail price is for any length of strap and is based on the strap type.
In other words special orders will cost the same as the standard referenced straps.
Only the referenced straps are stock straps. Requests for other colors or lengths automatically result in a special order.
Delivery time of straps in stock: one week. Delivery time of special orders: 2 months.



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