Basic Measurements: How Big Is A Panerai Strap?

If you're looking to commission a new strap from any of the custom strap manufacturers you'll need to take some measurements.

44mm Models

44mm watches fundamentally have 24mm lugs, and 22mm buckles, so the strap is 24mm wide at the watch end, tapering to 22mm at the buckle end.


The above measurements were taken from a real strap, and are rather approximate. A "standard" Panerai strap defines the end with the holes to be 115mm long, and the end with the buckle to be 75mm. From observation, this makes for the buckle to fit into the middle hole when worn on a 7" wrist.

If you are commisioning a strap from Atelier Du Bracelet Parisien, they will probably send you one of these handy diagrams


For a 44mm watch, the dimensions are as follows:


40mm watches

Straps on 40mm watches are very similar to 44mm, except they are 2mm narrower at either end i.e. the lugs are 22mm, and the buckle end is 20mm.


The 1950

The 1950 is outsized in every way, including its strap. The lugs of the 1950 are 26mm across, and the straps which come with it do not taper at all, and so are 26mm across when they meet the special buckle.


Pins And Tubes

The other important factor to consider is the diameter of the springbars. The springbars themselves are not really springbars at all, simply threaded metal bars that screw in and out. To offset wear-and-tear, these bars are housed inside another steel cylinder of slightly wider diameter. Any strap should be able to accomodate the cylinder as a snug fit.