Panerai Reference Section

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The most significant body of information is for post-1997 watches made since the acquisition of Officine Panerai by the Vendôme group.

Data Description
Vendôme frameset version Post - 1997 models, with a numerical index.
Vendôme Models - no frames Post - 1997 models.
Vendome Movements A small reference detailing movements used.
Price Lists The latest price data
Numbering Systems An explanation of most of the hieroglyphics you'll find on the back of a Panerai
Case numbers A table of the OP65xx numbers on the back of a Panerai
Millesimation Numbers of watches produced each year - C, D and E only
Millesimation Database
Numbers of watches produced each year - A through J


Pre - Vendôme

Watches dating from the "rebirth" of the brand in 1993 to its acquisition in 1997 are usually referred to as "pre - Vendôme".

Data Description
Pre Vendôme Models A table of the models produced before 1997.



Watches made from the 1930s onwards can generally be described as "vintage".

Data Description
Vintage Models A short history of Panerai vintage watches.