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Paneristi Policy On The Use Of Scans


1) You may link to (use them in the href attribute of an HTML <a> anchor tag) or embed (use them as the src attribute of an HTML <img> image tag) any scans from Paneristi, with two exceptions:

2) You may not copy scans (i.e. save locally, then re-use elsewhere on the web) from Paneristi. Local re-use (as windows backdrops etc.) is perfectly permissable, this rule only applies to the re-publication of scans on the web.


For the hard of thinking, the above means YOU MAY NOT copy scans from Paneristi for use in your Ebay auction.

Obviously, if you are the original copyright holder for an image that is displayed on Paneristi, you are free to use your own scans as you please :-)


* TimeZone explcitly forbids the mention of the name "Paneristi" in all of its forums using filtering in its forum software. In the light of this I do not want TimeZone to benefit from any content on Paneristi.


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