Forum Help

The Paneristi forums are hosted by Network54. Network54 provides powerful user management and image hosting facilities, as well as being able to cope with the not inconsiderable load that Paneristi put on forum software.


Anybody can read on any of the forums. However, to post, you must be registered and logged in.

Registering and logging in provides a few benefits for regulars

Benefits Of Registering And Logging In

The major benefits of driving the forums while logged in include:

Since "anonymous" posts are no longer allowed and will be deleted without notice, this last feature, that of "auto-fill name and email" is especially useful. 

For those who are sick of entering in your email address all the time or some of the times, here's a way to permanently glue your email address and name in the above "Your Name" & "Your Email" field:

(the following works only AFTER you have registered for the first time.  Instructions on registering follow)

Login into your N54 account, and then copy the below link to your web browser:

Enter your name in the name field and email in the "External Email" field.

Then click on "Save Changes"

How do register and log in?

You register and login with Network54, not with Paneristi.

Register here.

Please note that the "login id" is not your name. It must be an ID that is unique amongst the 1000's of Network54 users, and it must only contain alphanumeric characters, no spaces.

If you receive an error message that says that your login ID "must contain only alphanumeric characters" then the odds are that you are trying to use a login ID with a space in it.

Login here, or from the login link on the main forum page, or in the posting form.

Maintaining your Network54 profile

Your profile contains information that manages how you appear on the forum. You can edit your profile here.

Under the "Profile" link here you can set your name, which is what will show up on the forum.

Also it's a good idea to modify your options here for auto-logoff to be "quarterly". This means you won't have to be constantly logging on.

How do I post images?

Watch forums live and die on pictures. Posting images with Network54 is relatively easy.



To insert a picture, just insert the URL of the image in the posting box. There is no need to use any HTML tags.


If you want to post more than one image, just put in more than one URL. To center images, put HTML center tags around the URLs:


If you don't already have your image on the Web, Network54 allows registered users to upload images temporarily (they last a week), and then insert them into posts. The only other caveat is that temporary images must be less than 128 kb in size.

Press the "insert object" button on the post form to get this dialogue:

Click "Temporary files" which will list any files you have, then to upload new ones, click "upload". Browse to the file you want to upload, then click "Upload". Once the file is uploaded you can insert it by clicking on it in the left hand pane, and it will swap over to the right pane, then click "insert image".

This puts the URL of the temporary image into your posting dialogue, and you treat it as you would any other URL, as per the instructions above.