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Who Owns Who?


The global watch industry is incestuous to say the least, and the latest 'round of merger and acquisition fever has left even fewer top - level players, and even more brand names coalescing under the same few banners.

As far as Panerai are concerned, they are owned by the Vend˘me group that also owns several other brands, the most famous of which is probably Cartier. The Vend˘me group is in turn owned by the Richemont group. Richemont ultimately owns the following watch brands:


Baume & Mercier




Jaeger LeCoultre



Officine Panerai


Vacheron Constantin

Van Cleef & Arpels


I personally think that living in a stable with so many other brands is something of a double-edged sword. It may mean that cross-fertilisation that would otherwise not have taken place may now be possible, with the various brands sharing technologies. It may also mean that individuality and innovation may be stifled. As ever, we just have to wait and see.




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