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SIHH 2002 Report



I returned from the Geneva SIHH a couple of days ago, very excited about the new range that Officine Panerai is offering, and the improvements to the existing models.

This is my report from the show. I hope to show most of the new models, and changes to the existing line. At the moment I'm building it up, a section at a time. I am also revisiting earlier sections to add more photographs and information as I collate them.

On a personal note, it was good to see all the new watches, but it was far more important to meet all the people behind the name. It is easy to imagine a huge, cash-obsessed machine, but the reality is a small, dedicated team who are passionate about their product and their customers. Seeing this reality was the real revelation of the whole trip.

I apologise in advance for mistakes in this report. It is rather being rushed to press in an attempt to stem any more wild speculation. Most of the photographs were taken in less than ideal circumstances, so they are not of the greatest quality, but I would rather show a poor photograph than attempt to describe the feature completely verbally. "Artwork" scans are from a CD-ROM distributed with the Officine Panerai press pack.



The overall changes in the Panerai product line-up follow a few basic themes, so it makes sense to structure this report along the same lines. During my time in Geneva I also picked up a few personal perspectives, and tidbits of information that will be of interest to enthusiasts, so I will also be collating this information in a further section. Please click on a link to read each section.


Getting there - the trip
The New Movement - The Historic Collection
Power Reserves
Enhancing and completing the line
Special Editions
Freebies, gizmos, promotional items
Personal Notes, Future Directions, Interesting Tidbits
Reference Summary



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