Paneristi Competition: Resurrecting The Lost Art Of The Review (aka ...*)

The review competition is now closed - winners are listed below.

When I started hanging out on internet watch forums, maybe five years ago, the done thing was to review watches. As soon as you got your hands on your new baby, you wrote up about it and shared your conclusions. Scans really were scans (watch gets shoved into scanner), men were men, and dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Anyway, since then we seem to have become more reliant on content being made for our enterainment, rather than the Do It Yourself ethos of yore.

What Is A Review?

Frankly, a review is what you want it to be. Basically, a description of what interests you about a particular timepiece. You don't have to own the timepiece. You could concentrate on technical details, on the design, on the accompanying goodies, or on the story of what drove you to the watch in the first place, even the story of actually buying the thing. Although "went to shop, bought watch, THE END" might be a little boring.

Your review can be all text, all pictures, a multimedia flash extravaganza, anything you like.


*Surreal Poetry

Somewhere along the line, this competition got hijacked by a dose of surreal poetry. Not that I'm one for pointing fingers, but I blame a certain Belgian gentleman (no, not myself) for starting the trend. So fine, this is a review and surreal poetry and haiku competition too - what the heck.


The Prizes

The prizes are:

One pair of custom made, solid silver "Logo" cufflinks
One exellent Bros strap, for 44mm Panerais, black. Donated by SJX - this is a really high quality item
One nylon & rubber strap, for 44mm Panerais. Donated by DON - again, top-notch goods.
One genuine Panerai baseball cap (black) and one copy of Legendary Watches, both donated by Steve Dabinett.
All winners will also receive one of DON's "Logo" stickers.



Entry Author  
Picking up PAM127+ 88 in Munich Volker 1st place
All Wound Up: Confessions of a Lovesick Paneristi John Edwards  
My Clock Mr Yellow  
Taking out the 'lady in red' tonite Horfun  
My Love Affair FrankV  
An Uncanny Knack ScottWS 4th place
I Saw It M.P.  
I, Paneristi PeteJ79 2nd place
Stainless Steel Watch Polishing Tide  
Convinced by Passion Frank Raiß  
Milestones on the Road to Florence rbrm  
The Bergeon No 5685 Case Holder Gary  
On Changing the Panerai Strap Nirvair  
PAM 1950 Images Jay Pulli 3rd place
87 Review by Sly and Arnie MichaelC