Paneristi Meeting Cologne


The first official german Paneristi meeting took place on November 9th 2002 at jeweller Rüschenbeck in Cologne.

We had around 50 people there. Around 30 Paneristi and the rest had been customers of jeweller Rüschenbeck.

Mr. Rössner of Panerai Munich attended the show as also as Mr. Pascal Brandt of Panerai head office in Milan/Italy. This was very secret and I got the information of his coming just one evening before. I was very surprised to see that this meeting is so important for Panerai to send him extra from Italy. What can I say?

The meeting turned out to be fantastic. Jeweller Rüschenbeck hosted us so well in their big store. We had a buffet and some drinks to take. Panerai showed many very intersting watches including the new grey dial chronos, the new steel radiomir, the Black Seal and the 1950. Also there had been the famous PAM 21 on display.

Mr. Brandt wore the gold Marina and everyone liked her. Personally I don´t like gold watches but this one is outstanding. And this was the opinion of most of the Paneristi. And for the 1950: forget about being to big! This size is great and absolutley wearable.

Mr. Knirim, the famous german military watch expert, also attended and showed two of his historic Radiomirs. Mr.Yellow and Dirk Grandry showed some of their pre-vendome pieces and Dirk also an original blue-print of the pre-vendome Marina.

You could see very intersting watches on the wrists: Destros, PVDs, Marina Militares, Pre-vendomes, Radiomirs etc. Each Paneristi had gotten his own nameplate and everyone was asked to sign in the Paneristi tour-book as well on two framed posters which were given each to Panerai and Rüschenbeck.

And many thanks to Mr. Yellow who gave each one of his framed Panerai artworks to Jeweller Rüschenbeck, Volker and me. After the official part we went to the restaurant Mövenpick to eat and drink something and to trade and discuss.

Here the great shot was realised with all our Panerais on the table.

Mr.Rössner and Mr. Brandt also joined this after-meeting. Each of the Paneristi got a Panerai bag with the actual catalog and the famous Panerai trench-coat.

Mr. Rössner and Mr.Brandt were very satisfied with this meeting and told me, that they haven´t expect such a fantastic meeting and such nice Paneristi. Mr. Rössner asked to do such a meeting again next year. Also he had the idea to take all the german (and belgium) Paneristi, to hire a bus and then go together next year to Firenze to do a Panerai tour.

Enjoy the photos and let´s plan a world-wide meeting......

Oliver Baumann

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