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SIHH 2014
SIHH report by Nad
PAM572 by Gerardo
SIHH reporty by Gush & Ade
Press kit photos PAM564
Favorite models SIHH pool results by Andre Chaves
Prices & Launch dates
SIHH 2014 News Last archived February 2014
SIHH 2013
SIHH 2013 Last archived February 2014
Risti Connect

Issue 1 - Guy Verbist
Issue 2 - Eng Tay
Issue 3 - Loris
Issue 4 - Nad
Issue 5 - J-F
Issue 6 - Jimmy
Issue 7 - Volker
Issue 8 - Asi
Issue 9 - Covac
Issue 10 - Davie Lee
Issue 11 - Hagen
Gush Last archived February 2014
P-Day 11 / London 2012

Oh No! Not ANOTHER PDay Report!!!(Caution:pictures heavy!!!) - Zameen Zahari
How we spent our Saturday night in London (final P-DAY report) - Nad
Our P-Day Odyssey - Gary
It's never too late for another P-DAY post with tons of pics, LOL - Nad
And, one more P-Day post :) - Guille
P-Day Before And After - Eng Tay
PDay 11 LONDON CALLING Part II - L(uke)
PDay 11 LONDON CALLING Part I (It's kinda long) - L(uke)
Some Pday London pics - Dan from NYC
P DAY 11 - London - Joo Gentil
Better late than never - a few pics from pday - Eric s.
P-Day London 2012 - The Action Cut Part 2/2 - Action Dan
My first P-DAY !!! With a lof Vintage watches - Brian H
London P-Day - Angelo P
PDay - London - What I Remember (No joke, probably best to restart your computer first) - Eddie Sanchez
P-Day London 2012 - The Action Cut Part 1 - Action Dan
More Well Deserved PDAY London thanks and pics Part II - Gregesq
More Well Deserved PDAY London thanks and pics Part I - Gregesq
Partly OT : A PDay Dream - Pats
Quick and dirty P-Day iPhone photo post - Kevin O'Dell
Thank you UK P-Day team !!!!!!! My Pictures - VanniC
Great Weekend in P-Day Report - Marcus/fletch01
Impressions.......P-Day 11 - RalfG aka Campsbay
P-DAY#11.3 - Volker
P-DAY#11.2 - Volker
P-DAY#11.1 - Volker
London - what an amazing week!!! - Yeu Huan/Hugewhaleshark
Pday 11 London -some pams shots !!! - niellaccio
Won this arm wrestling at PDay - Phuman
P Day part 4 The Event............Modem Burner - Paul190H
P Day part 3 Panerai Event and the Union club - Paul190H
P Day part 2 The Dirty Duck - Paul190H
P Day part 1 Warwick Castle - Paul190H
London P-day Friday night faces in the crowd!!!!!! - Nad
Various posters Archived October 2012

PANERISTI.COM 12th ANNIVERSARY ROLL CALL Moderators Archived Oct 2012
Archived Reference Section

Archived, deprecated Reference Section
Archived, deprecated Straps Section Moderators Archived Mar 2012

J-F's Reference (watches/instruments)
J-F Archived Mar 2012
SIHH 2012 Reporting

The New Watches - SIHH 2012

PAM395 Photos
PAM396 Photos
PAM398 Photos
PAM399 Photos
PAM422 and 423
PAM422 Photos
PAM423 Photos
PAM424 and 425
PAM424 Photos
PAM425 Photos
PAM438 and 441
PAM438 Photos
PAM438 Bracelet
PAM441 Photos
PAM448 Photos
PAM449 Photos

Live Reporting - SIHH 2012

Panerai SIHH Booth Video Tour SIHH Live Report Part 1 SIHH Live Report Part 2 SIHH Live Report Part 3 SIHH Live Report Part 4 SIHH Live report Part 5

Live Pictures - SIHH 2012

Live pictures of the 449 Radiomir SLC
Live pictures of the 448 California 3 Days
Live pictures of the 396 Tourbillon Ceramica
Live pictures of the 395 Radiomir 8 Days GMT Oro Rosso
Live pictures of the ceramic PAM438 and PAM441
Live pictures of the 424
Live pictures of the 422 and 423
Live pictures of the 399 and 398 SIHH Team Archived Feb 2012
Desert Island Dreams - Round One

>Issing San
>Patrick Belgium
Mark Cap
Davie Lee
Chris Agostino
Jeremy (aka Socko)
John in NJ
Eric S.
Action Dan
Ed Ng
Walt Nicholson
Maxxbet (Steve)
Martin Wilmsen
Tim Blackmon
Andy Altman
Cosmic Mike
Xavier G

Round Two

Hawaian Timer
Mads Bording

Round Three

Paul 190H
Michael Mehall
Various Posters
Updated 8 Feb 2012
Volker's P-Day Post #1
Volker's P-Day Post #2
Volker's P-Day Post #3
Volker's P-Day Post #4
Volker's P-Day Post #5
Volker's P-Day Post #6
Volker's P-Day Post #7
Volker's P-Day Post #8
Volker's P-Day Post #9
Hammer's P-Day Finale
Volker and Hammer
Nov. 25, 2011
SIHH 2011 Panerai New Releases, Poster by Micah
Nad's SIHH Report
Andy Hunt's SIHH Report
Martin's SIHH Photos
Martin's PAM 372 vs PAM 127 Photos
Various contributors
Jan. 18, 2011 story.....OT+T ...... >>>>>
Oct. 21, 2010
Panerai Watch Photos from the 2010 Firenze Exhibition
Kristian Haagen
Sept 30, 2010
Photobucket tutorial (how to get your pics to show up here!)
Dec 13, 2011
PAM 360, the 10th Anniversary Paneristi Watch
July 1, 2010
Gregko's Ugly Duckling Skeleton
June 2010
Hammer Birthday GTG - Hammer's Post
Hammer GTG Part 3 by Nad
Hammer GTG Part 2 by Nad
Hammer GTG Part 1 by Nad
Mike's Hammer GTG Report
Craig F's Hammer GTG Report
Hammer Post
Micah's Photos
Eddie's Photos
Shella's Photos

Apr 2010
SIHH 2010
Micah's New Model Poster
Martin's PAM 339 Photos
Martin's PAM 300 Photos
Martin's SIHH Photos

Jan 2010
Tributes to Bob Quapaw
Please pay your respects to our Bob Quapaw RIP.....
Miss you badly...
“What Do I Know, I’m Just A Dumb Okie”
My favorite Quapah-ism......
One of the last bits of advice given to me my our friend Bob.....
My mate, my friend, my brother, Quapaw

Dec 2009
A few words about real and fake in the vintage Panerai world
Volker Wiegmann
6 Dec 2009
Tutorial on buying and selling watches over the Internet
Eric Steinmeyer
4 Aug 2009
Vintage 6152-1 with prototype plexiglass bezel
Vanni Chiozzi
18 Jun 2009
The Hammer video from Sept. 2007
Lily Milkovic-Jakal
18 Jun 2009
Martin Wilmsen's wristwatch lighting tutorial
Martin Wilmsen 28 Apr 2009
Martin Wilmsen's Daylight Chrono photos
Martin Wilmsen
25 Apr 2009
Martin Wilmsen's PAM 28 photos
Martin Wilmsen
22 Apr 2009
Martin Wilmsen's photos of Panerai cases, dials and crystals
Martin Wilmsen 17 Apr 2009
Sapphire crystal restoration
27 Mar 2009
SIHH 2009 Summary
The Mods
22 Jan 2009
The OEM Tan Strap Explained
Gerard from Holland
10 Jan 2009 2009 Roll Call
Jay Pulli
1 Jan 2009
PDAY 7 Photo Compilations
Various photographers, page started by Ken Kanellos
29 Oct. 2008 8th Anniversary Roll Call
1 Sept 2008
The Kaufhold Radiomir
John Sim
27 July 2008
More on Vintage Buckles & Straps
2 June 2008
Pre-V buckle and strap information
Nick Coupland
2 June 2008
Philip Fastre photo essay on GPF buckles
Philip Fastre 31 May 2008
VIII Meeting of Club Panerai: Part 1 - Warm Up
Part 2 - La Spezia
Part 3 - Porto Venere
Part 4 - The Naval Academy at Livorno
Part 5 - The Exhibition
Volker Wiegmann
16-18 May 2008
Lars's 2008 SIHH Report
Lars at Large
12 April 2008 Exclusive - the Story of the Eilean
Lars at Large 25 March 2008
Panerai Luminor 8 Days - the Super Special Edition Lars at Large 21 March 2008
Remarkable Watches Which Have Played a Part in History
Lars at Large
20 March 2008
Restoring the Fife vessel, Eilean, built in 1936; report from Viareggio
Kristian Haagen
17 Feb 2008
Update on Panerai Service Center
Aurelio Sisto
30 Jan 2008 2008 Roll Call
Jay Pulli
2 Jan 2008
PAM 202/A vs 203/A
Dirk Grandry
7 Nov 2007
PDAY 6 Hamburg, Germany
Jay Pulli
23 Oct 2007
Paneristi Roll Call Maps: 2006 and 2007
Patick Kuo
5 Sept 2007
Hammer GTG Photos
Jay Pulli
18 August 2007
Panerai shopping guide of Tokyo
13 August 2007
Hammer GTG...the time has come!!!!! Official date inside!
14 June 2007
Formula 1 Montreal 2007 Panerai Gathering
11 June 2007
7th Club Panerai Meeting Photos, Viareggio, Tuscany.
Volker Part 1. Arrivals
Volker Part 2. La Spezia and Bocca di Serchio.
Volker Part 3. Omeris at the Com.Sub.In
Volker Part 4. Club Dinner
Piero's Photos.
Vanni's Photos.
Volker, Piero & Vanni
May 2007
SIHH Report by Guy Verbist, founder of
24 April 2007
SIHH 2007 report by Lars
15-18 April 2007
Technical thread on 316L steel
31 March 2007
Francesco Ferretti's writeup on historic sandwich dials
Francesco Ferretti
30 March 2007
Photos from the Panerai Firenze Exhibition
Jay Pulli
18 March 2007
Ten Years of Ideas - The Officine Panerai Workshop
Officine Panerai
12 March 2007
Aurelio Sisto's Service Writeup
Important Update January 30, 2008
Aurelio Sisto
16 Jan 2007
January 1, 2007 Roll Call
Jay Pulli
1 Jan 2007
Hammer's return to after his accident
24 Nov 2006
Radiomir Strap Change Video on Youtube
16 Nov 2006 6th Anniversary Roll Call
Andy Hunt
1 Sept 2006
Amerigo Vespucci Tour by Panerai
Mr. Orange
20 Aug 2006
The History of the Lost Panerai Prototype
Adam Boswell
23 July 2006
Photos of the Soprod Movement by Philip Fastre
Philip Fastre
19 July 2006
Oro's Roll Call for New Members & Old Oro
14 July 2006
Summary of the news from SIHH 2006
Mr. Orange
8 April 2006
Hong Kong Paneristi Christmas Party Report - Dec. 17, 2005
Anthony Che
10 January 2006
Hammer's PDAY 4 summary - "Dream, Believe ... Magic Happens"
8 January 2006
2006 Roll Call
Jay Pulli
1 January 2006
Francesco Ferretti's post on vintage casebacks
Francesco Ferretti
27 December 2005
Link to the old Public Forum, prior to Jan. 24, 2005
Jay Pulli
27 December 2005
Pre-A and T-SWISS-T Officine Panerai 1997-1998
Maurits Bollen
12 December 2005
Panerai Firenze Special Edition Watches
Jay Pulli
12 December 2005
4th International Paneristi Meeting in Germany · Nov. 5th, 2005 Volker Weigmann
5 November 2005
Jay Pulli's photos of PDAY 4
Jay Pulli
5 November 2005
February 2005 Roll Call
24 Feb. 2005
Changing straps on a Radiomir, a tutorial Andy Hunt 08 August 2004
Panerai Radiomir History, an official press release (with a lot of input) Officine Panerai 20 May 2004
Season Greetings by Mr. Angelo Bonati, CEO of Panerai Officine Panerai 27 December 2003
Pete´s travel report including P-Day #2 PeteJ79 01 December 2003
P-DAY #2 in Cologne PeterCDE 09 November 2003
Strap School Is Now In Session! The Strap King 24 May 2003
Club Panerai Viareggio Meeting (highly recommended!) Volker et al 18 May 2003
Paneristi meeting: London  Guy Verbist
12 May 2003
Paneristi meeting: Rotterdam Mr Bleu & Azean 26 April 2003
The "dream PAM" competition   20 April 2003
The Pre-A intermediate buckle OJ Whatley 19 April 2003
Panerai Case Differences Volker 19 April 2003
SIHH 2003 Report Guy 12 April 2003
Creative Photography Competition 2003   9th Feburary 2003
Review Competition   4th January 2003
Desk Diary Christmas Competition   5th December 2002
Paneristi Calendar 2003 Malcolm 15 November 2002
Paneristi Meeting Cologne Paneristi Germany 12 November 2002
Opening Of The Hong Kong Boutique (part 2) Oliver Win  
Opening Of The Hong Kong Boutique (part 1) Oliver Win  
The Paneristi World Tour Book (updated) The Paneristi Community  
Hong Kong Boutique photos Oliver Win  
Press Pack Wallpaper    
Paneristi Germany - First Meeting Oliver Baumann  
The Scam - o - matic Guy  
Paneristi In The Press Various Sources  
SIHH 2002 Report Guy  
Strap / Band photo competition The Paneristi Community  
The Ugly Duckling Gregko  
Firenze Trip Report Mr. Yellow & Mr. Orange  
Paneristi Bumper Sticker Competition The Paneristi Community  
PAM 90 Review Gregko  
Titanium Scratch Removal Ken  
A Look At A Vintage Panerai Rick  
The 2000 Photo Competition The Paneristi community  
The Panerai Crown Lock Patent The US Patent Office, with some help!  
The "Egiziano" Panerai kh  
The Finish Of Original / Vintage Panerai kh  
The Officine Panerai Mare Nostrum Slytech, history and photos. Guy  
Pronunciation: I've got a pain here, Ray. Guy  
Review: Luminor Power Reserve in PVD Guy  
Who Owns Who? Guy  
A Potted Panerai History Guy