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Firenze Trip Report

By Mr Orange and Mr Yellow

Hi fellow Paneristi

Here a resume of our fantastic maiden trip to the Officine Panerai Bottega d'Arte in Florence. It turned out great. At least for one day...


The shop is located at the Piazza S. Giovanni 16/R, in the heart of the historic centre and right in front of the dome and the baptistery.

As you can see, things haven't changed so much since the early begining if spoken for the size of the shop. Hardly noticable in between those great architectural buildings. Not as we would like to see it :-)...size does matter LOL

Then for the new shop; once inside you discover their new way of presenting us our future goodies. As a matter of fact, it already starts outside on front of the shopping window. Look at that Radiomir ! (+/- 31,500 Eur) ... Avoid wet shoes, try not to dribble too much.

Mr. Yellow couldn't resist and got excited in buying a new pannie for himself. A beautiful luminor base (Pam0002). Neat !!! We asked for pre-VÍndome items but their were none available. Only pieces after the buy-out from "Mister Richemont". We were told that the take-over took place after Sly buying 200 watches as gifts for friends and offering one to the chairman of the Richemont group. He thought it was cool and bought the whole bit. Thank you Sly!

A pity however is that, apart from the missing pre-VÍndome items, they also miss pieces of the VÍndome collection themselves. Business as usual.


After Mr. Yellow bought his new toy, it was time to offer something of our own. A few months ago we made ourselves a Christmas gift "Per l'amore delle Panerai". A beautiful silkscreen. we thought it was cool to offer them also a copy. They were thrilled and italian "thank you's" came our way. Cool !!!


Then it was time to look for the museum. Sorry guys but we were not allowed to take pics. BOEH !!! It's not a museum as you know them. It's a small room above the shop. Not announced from outside. The only way to get at it is to pass through the shop. Entrance only for the happy few. They descided to keep it low profile, not to attract tourists in any way. Visiting is at simple request.

Of course we got a personalised tour. Up there you'll find all the historic watches and other materials as photographed in the books. WOOW that Egyptian Sub is huge !!! We've seen them all for real. Can't take that away from us no more.

Samuele, sorry we didn't call you, but Mr. Yellow didn't meet his end of the deal on sunday. No more limoncello for him. Fiorentina steak was fantastic.

Had dinner at Ristorante Toto, near the Ponte Vecchio. Only Italians at the tables.

But we'll meet again, planning our next trip later this year. Freebasing from a fantastic journey.

Bye for now,

Mr. Orange & Mr. Yellow.