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The Panerai "Egiziano"

A few days ago I received the following scans, along with a request for any information I might have about the watch pictured.


The best I could offer in the way of information was the following:

It's a Panerai Radiomir, made for the Egyptian Navy in the mid-1950's. About 50 examples were made, so it is very rare and very collectible. You can find a little information about it in the two Panerai books "Legendary Watches" and "Panerai Historia". I think the movement is an Angelus 8 day movement.

When I asked the Paneristi community for further information, kh came up with the following fantastic information (I think he must have a serious vintage Panerai collection!)

The "Egiziano" Panerai

Being the elite Navy in its region during the 1950s, the Italian had permitted other Mediterranean Navy officers to be attached to their Navy Institute for training. Each foreign officer was issued with Panerai gears during their attachment with the Italian Navy. It was probably from these trainings that the other Mediterranean navies have come to know about these unique and relaible Panerai gears!

Several special watch models were developed at the request of the other Mediterranean navies. One of them was the 'Egiziano' Panerai. The first prototype send to the Egyptian Navy was rejected; the Egyptian Navy wanted something much 'stronger' and 'indestructible'. And Panerai complied with the oversized watch.

The Watch

The oversized watch (ca. 1956) has a three-part case of special treated steel. It has an omni-directional rotating bezel with reference point.

Watch contains an Angelus Calibre 240 movement with an 8-day power reserve (see scan).

Watch dimensions:

Watch usually supplied with a paper box (see scan 2).

I have also attached a close-up scan of a similar original box from my personal collection.


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