Panerai Case Differences

by Volker

A little case study between Pre-Vendome Logo, PAM88 and PAM127.

Just tried to picture the differences between the bezel of the PAM88 (upper) and the 5218-201/A.

Double whopper with no cheese


Double whopper visible differences

Visible is the higher bezel of the PAM88 (red lines compared).

Also the edges of the 88 case are more downwards orientated. The lugs are thicker on the Pre-Vendome case (blue lines compared).


5218-201/A right side

The crown protecting device is different too. The Pre-Vendome is brushed, the PAM's is brushed like the rest of the case. The Pre-Vendome protecting device is formed like the extension of the case. It's upper end is not flat like the PAM's device and the lever is centered, where the PAM88 device is decentral placed in the device (green lines compared).


PAM88 right side

The sapphire glass looks more over the edges of the bezel on the Pre-Vendome case. The glass of the Vendome case is more even with the bezel, but not plain on same heigt, still a bit higher - you can feel the difference with your fingers nail, when you touch over the edge.


PAM127 and "Logo" right side

Well, as I said many times before. The case of the PAM127 is not a "real Luminor" for me, compared to the 44 mm cases. It has a very different shape, for me a development between Radiomir and todays Luminor case. The lugs are much longer, the crown protecting device is bigger, but more flat than on the 44 mm case. The lever is placed in the center of the 1950's device, but has the other orientation, like it's historical "father".


PAM127 and "Logo" right side

I really like the shape of the 1950, it's a very "vintage look". The problem with the glass is not disturbing to me at all, just maybe if you can see the watch only from pictures. For me this watch is like a "magical mystery tour" back to the roots.

Hope it is helpful for a few, who can't compare this byself at home. Honestly, just my opinions...

Cheers, Volker