Paneristi Bumper Sticker Competition 2002


The Paneristi bumper sticker competition is now closed. I've been completely overwhelmed with the entries.


The Entries

The quality of entries so far was really high (although I think my entry is best!). I really wasn't expecting this kind of enthusiasm, inventiveness or skill, athough it has to be said that only on Paneristi could a hamster enter a competition. I fear that if he wins the hat will be way too big for him.

People who have mailed or posted text or Word docs etc. have had to put up with my meagre efforts to transcribe their pearls of wisdom.


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The Winners

Every competition has to have a winner. There was a late hiatus when OJ very kindly offered a fourth prize of a pre-Vendome strap and a baseball cap. It transpired that this was very handy since there was a draw for third place. So, without further ado ...

First place: Jay Pulli (1)

Jay wins the Panerai model ship and a croc strap.


Second place: Scott Kinney

Scott wins the groovy Panerai belt


Equal third: Art Smolniy (2)

Art wins OJ's strap and hat.


Equal third: Joel Pirela (2)

After some considerable confusion Joel proved to be a great gentleman by passing on a prize (the next goodies I get are yours Joel!). This leaves a fourth place, which goes to ...


Fourth place: Volker

Volker wins the Panerai hat




Thanks to everybody who entered - the whole competition was a lot of fun. We'll have to do this again some time.

The "naked lady" voters were out in force, and Tide's number 4 got a lot of votes because Heidi Klum is pretty, not because Tide is talented :-)

Joel should learn to be less consistently talented. If you count up votes for an individual (rather than per-picture) he would have won by a mile, however votes were fairly evenly spread across all his entries, thereby diluting the power of each!

Considering that Hamerai is a fictitious rodent, he got a surprising number of votes.

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