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The Finish Of Original Panerai

After some recent discussion on the public forum regarding what was an "authentic" finish for a Panerai (the glossy polished look, or brushed, or PVD "gun metal") kh has stepped in to set the record straight.


Firstly, with the exception of the large "Egyptian" model, all other Panerai case finishings are NOT brush. They are however polished; but not highly polished like the recent reissues. The only "brush" finishing is the locking device at the crown!

The large "Egyptian" model comes with two types of case finishing; the "burnish" steel type and the others with "Gun-metal" finishing. The locking devices for the "Egyptian" model have the same finishing of the cases; unlike the other Panerai models with "brush" finishing.


To see a picture of a piece from his personal collection of vintage Panerai, go here.


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